Winter Pedicure

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A true fashionista needs to be fancy from head to toe, literally. So she needs to keep a nice coiffure and to dye her hair always in pleasant colors that match her style and her skin. Divas are always in style, they keep tanned in winter too and have soft skin although it's freezing outside. To keep her feet always warm and soft as silk, a stylish girl needs to have her pedicure done every two weeks. Be her stylist and so her that she can walk in style. This girl will go on winter holiday soon. A stop by the pedicure art salon is required! Be creative and use your imagination to give this girl a perfect pedicure. Choose themed stickers, vivid colors and some cute tatoos. And until the nail polish is dry, put on some faux fur slippers and let everyone admire your feet. Enjoy this nails game and be daring in your art nail style!