Strawberry Smoothie

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Yummy smoothie! This is definitely the drink to have to swallow your vitamins. How do you like your smoothie? Let your imagination run wild.There are definitely lots of delicious desserts that one can try every day, but few of them are healthy and refreshing. If you want to try something cooling yet with lots of vitamins, try a home made fresh smoothie. What a feeling when you lay back on your comfy chair, relax looking on the window and freshen up enjoying your yummy fruit smoothie! Ito be sure that it will taste amazingly, then feel free to pick cutest shape for your glass with patterns, to pick the fresh smoothie flavor that you like the most and ornate it with tasty slices of juicy fruits and colorful sprinkles and prepare your fantasy fruit smoothie! Be creative and add other ingredients for extra flavor like milk, chocolate or even ice cream. Always remember that there are 2 simple tricks : the less ingredients you use, the healthier the fresh smoothie is; and second, your creativity rules when creating an irresistible smoothie. Use the sweetness and imagination you to decorate this fresh smoothie!