Nail Art

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Do you like when you have pretty colored nails? How would you love to draw some beautiful pictures on nails? At the Chic Nails Salon you can choose your favorite patterns, wear the coolest rings and paint nice nail polish. Wow, good-looking nails and charming hands! Just For You and Your Girlfriends !From today you have a glamorous job. As a beauty nails assistant, you have to learn more things. Clarissa here hurries to the prom and her nails aren't done yet.Lets help her doing her manicure with style. In this game, you can choose the beautiful nail polish colors and patterns, cute stickers and nail jewelry. Let your imagination and creativity surprise Clarissa. You can do art with her nails.Beautiful and stylish nails become more popular with faddish girls. Do you want to have perfect nails? Come to Perfect Nails Bar. Here are your favorite patterns and perfect nail polishes. Dazzling rings can make you conspicuous! Enjoy this nails game!