Hannah Montana Real Haircuts

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Hannah Montana is known for her eccentric changes in hairstyle and outfits and this famous singer is not afraid to cut off all her hair one day and then change it right back the next. Hannah Montana has her own personal hairstylist and she trusts no one but him with her hair, even if she is very brave when it comes to her hairdo. Unfortunately, Hannah's trusted hairstylist left the country and the star has no one to cut her hair just like she wants it. If you want to give Hannah a real hair cut, play our game and have fun playing with Hannah's hair. You can cut it, dye it, straighten it and grow it back again. Make sure you remember to check Hannah's face to see if she likes what you're doing or if she hates it. Don't make her angry or you might me out of a job sooner than you think. Have fun with the real Hannah Montana haircuts, girls!