Cream Cheese Frittata

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Angeline wants to surprise her daughter Sheryl on her birthday by preparing her daughter's favorite dish cheese frittata. Help her buy the ingredients by joining her at the grocery and than help her in the kitchen to cook this delicious dish. In this cooking game you make a rich and tasty breakfast meal. You first must go shopping for all the ingredients needed and then follow the recipe carefully to make a cream cheese frittata.A frittata is a Mediterranean dish,a cheese omelet, but it is much easier to make, and it looks really special, a nice plus for holiday-time breakfasts.You start the frittata on the stove, but you finish it under the broiler: no flipping or folding required.This classic version calls for a little chopped fresh parsley along with creamy mild cheese and eggs, and it contains heart-healthy olive oil, too. Enjoy this cooking game!