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Welcome to CuteZee.com, where the best games for girls and kids games find their place every day. Yep, every day, because we publish 6 new games each day, meaning there's always a lot of stuff to do on our site. Although most of the games we publish are girly, they're not confined to dressup games for girls and we try to add as many game types as possible, including makeovers, hidden object games, escape games, puzzles and even quizzes or riddles. Ever wondered what the name CuteZee stands for? Well it's a combination of the names of our two lovely titular characters, who will accompany you throughout the site. Meet Cute the Bunny and Zee, the blue-haired teenager and Cute's best friend:

Cute the Bunny. Cute is a rare kind of bunny - his pinkish coat makes him even fluffier than the rest of the bunnies out there and he feels very comfortable when being around humans. Whereas other bunnies would skip in a cloud of dust at the first sight of humans, Cute loves Zee and her family and helps them with their chores around the house.

At one point, when Zee's vegetable garden was attacked by a tribe of devastating miner moles, Cute bravely risked his life and went underground after the moles, chasing them away!

ZeeZee is 13 years old and she has a huge passion for puzzles, science and computer games and she's generally very well organized and tidy. She spends most of her time with her best friend and pet, Cute the Bunny, who lives with her in Zee's parents' house. Zee has beautiful hair that she dyes in her favorite color, blue, and likes to keep it tidily wrapped in two pony tails. Just because she's into science however, doesn't mean that Zee lost her girly attitude or love for things like fashion or toys.

Thankfully, she doesn't really need toys, as she has a permanent fluffy pink rabbit by her side constantly :)

Enjoy your stay with us and make sure you come back often as Cute and Zee will have fresh new games for girls published here on a daily basis!